I’m in love, and I want to spread a little bit of happiness into the lives of people who use 0xlv.

I’ve been doing some work in the background, and I have made a couple of notable changes:

  1. New website. The old one was fugly.
  2. The redirect process is a fair bit faster. I have pushed pretty much all the reporting and callback code into the forked process which means that the visitor will be redirected immediately, and the needful is done in the background.
  3. The callback now provides geoIP information. Use as you wish! The new data that is being passed is going to be used for some pretty awesome tools

I have some extra tricks up my sleeve for managing stats from social media channels, including some niche information that some may find interesting!

Oh, and a redesign of the API documentation is also in progress - That is the official line for losing the old API documentation with the introduction of the new website.. :/