On the rare occasion that I actually use my exercise bike, I was thinking about 0xlv and the features that I could add which would be genuinely useful to people. So, after a couple of late nights (and ashamedly some abuse of the bootstrap framework), I have now added two new features for registered users of 0xlv.


Geotargeting uses the geolookup framework that was written for working out where people are visiting from across the globe. When you create a new URL, you have the opportunity to assign different destination URLs to different countries, so if you have an internationalised page, for example, a specific offer for people in France, you can add a geotarget URL for France, and have the short url direct the visitor to the specific page.

Password Protection

A new feature for registered users now allows for pages to be password protected. There is not much to say about it really, but for those people who ask, the reason it uses browser based authentication instead of a pretty web-based form is for the people who use automated systems that can not parse web forms, but can happily handle HTTP authentication requests.

Right, next stop now is to build more on reporting!