I got a reply! Woo!


Thanks very much for you reply. I’m very happy that I gotten someone that will carry out the wishes of my late husband. Please I want you to reassure me that you will carry out the task. Secondly you need to send to me the below details. 1. Your full names and address. 2. Telephone numbers Finally I need a little explanation or plan on how you would handle the fund once it is released to you. Once I get your reply I shall send to you all documents involved. Please pray for me always. Once again thanks for your reply. God bless you. Yours in Christ, Mrs.Judith Jones


Wait, what? She has changed her name! Okay, this could be a test, so lets play dumb. As much as it makes my bile rise, I will pretend to be a Christian, and to keep it consistent, I am still greedy with names, and I am still deaf.

Blessed be in the day of our lord,
My full name is Andrew James Elliot Dixon, I do not have a telephone number since god blessed me with deafness. My daily challenge will go rewarded in heaven where I will finally be able to hear music for the first time.
With regards to any monies due to me, I would offer it in good Christian Charity to my local church where it will be used to repair the roof and the bells to shelter and signal time for our worship OUR ONE LORD JESUS CHRIST.
Godspeed, Judith.
Yours in Christ,