Another update (my fake name):

Dear  Andrew James Elliot Dixon I am delighted to inform you that I have officially submitted your name today to the bank with your forwarded information for immediate processing of the claim hereto. I proceeded to the High Court and secured a Letter of Claim and Representation with the information I received from you before presenting you to the bank as the next of kin to my late client. The bank will contact you as soon as possible for further proceedings thus I strongly advise that you maintain constant communication with me in this regard for necessary guideline in the interest of our both mutual benefit. Similarly, note that the proceeding is a sensitive matter and as such requires utmost care and intelligence,knowing fully well that the institution is advanced to rightly know that this case could be manipulated so they are out for proper routine to ensure that the deposit is released to the real next of kin which is you now recognized by the bank. The bank might examine you in various ways to confirm your beneficiary status by sending you messages, therefore, any time you receive any form of correspondence such as e-mail messages, telephone conversations etc from unknown source regarding this claim, know that the institution is carrying out its due verification exercise thus you should not hesitate to inform me of such development for proper directives. Furthermore, until you have received this deposit in your bank account, all information regarding this transaction should be kept intact and personal to avoid any diversion of information whatsoever that might render our collective interest null and void. Regards, Akoudé Atoko Esq

I replied thusly:

Perhaps as this is indeed a sensitive matter, and the openness that Microsoft, Google and others have with government officials, we should really try to be careful with our communications. Perhaps we should take precaution by replacing sensitive keywords with pre-agreed keywords.
I propose:
Bank = banana
Next of Kin = mushroom finance = donkey
money = ham
attourney = princess
If you wish to add to this list, I believe now is the time to do so, and we should take the utmost care into covering ourselves in case anything gets hindered.