As you can see, Mr. KP51 RZM feels that parking on double yellow lines on a roundabout (of sorts), blocking a lowered curb to get a sandwich is more important than giving a disabled man on a wheelchair access to the pavement after crossing the road.

This poor chap had to travel in the road in the wrong direction to find a spot where he could safely mount the pavement again. At the same time as well, looking after two small children.

After posting this picture on Facebook, it has grown a large number of abusive comments towards this driver rightfully given to him.

So, if you are reading this, Mr KP51 RZM, I personally hope you choked on your sandwich, and what you did eat gives you such chronic gastroenteritis that the sheer force of the ablution causes your rectum to prolapse. Your laziness endangered a disabled person and two small children.